Mushroom World Ayurved

Nature's Love Notes

Mushroom World combines its extensive knowledge, Years of experience, Diversified Mastermind, and an affinity for mushrooms to produce Ayurvedic products that elevate Your Wholesome Wellness to new heights. We already made 1 Crore+ Hearts Blossoming.

Why are we here?

“To take you to a world of purity and vitality.”

We’re here to furnish you with the perks of mushrooms , professionally created into Vedic products for a healthier, happier you.

Why believe us?

“Our process involves third-party testing and evaluations”

Happy Lips verifies our efforts and Lab verifies the quality, purity, and potency of our mushroom-based formulations. ​​​​​

Why only us?

“Largest manufacturers of ayurvedic mushroom product”

We are dedicated to crafting the best mushroom-based Ayurvedic products that empower to live your best life.

"We have nothing to HIDE , as we prioritize RIGHT."


To develop and produce mushrooms in their purest form, we work with organic farmers and foragers that use sustainable practices. Our stringent inspection methods ensure that we only receive mushrooms of the greatest calibre.

Realistic Validation

We feel that validation from scientists is what’s needed nowadays. Our products are subjected to extensive testing and quality control to assure their safety and effectiveness. We work with renowned laboratories and research organizations to carry out clinical trials and studies that illustrate the benefits of our products.

Enveloping with quality

From farm to your table, Every taste is an expression of gratitude for our dedication to quality and your complete satisfaction. Unveiling our mushroom-based treasures, which have been meticulously ensconced in packaging that oozes love and care. Each taste reveals the essence of nature’s wealth, which has been handled and served with painstaking care.